Hannah Bergen Heirlooms

Hannah Bergen Heirlooms

One of Life’s greatest gifts is a love story.

A wedding celebrates the union. From the scent of flowers to the shimmer of silk—the day, week-end, or weeks of celebration are filled with details that take on special meaning. Friends and family gather, and traditions are continued or just begun.

Inspired, Hannah Bergen Weddings has developed a simple and lasting way to create a personal collection of the mementos and stories of a wedding.

Steal a moment here and there to gather bouquet petals or sand from the honeymoon trip, or to recall the earrings or necktie that you wore. Jot a few lines from the terrific toast that your brother made. Instantly, the archival box is transformed into a treasure—to share today, and to open many times in the years ahead.

Cheers to love and best wishes!